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Canning and food-processing technology

Gaictech®, the canning machinery company, has spent more than 35 years dedicated to the research, manufacturing and implementation of equipment and systems for the canning industry, both of fish and shellfish as for the meat and food-processing industry, developing tailor-made systems that integrate into the production lines of the companies.

for you

GAICTECH® the canning machinery company

We know that our clients are the ones who know their business best, so we develop our products according to their needs. We offer our services adapting to their technical assistance, design, development and warranty requirements anywhere in the world. We have our own highly qualified technical team capable of meeting any demand from our clients.

Custom Made Can Machinery

Design of production lines

At GAICTECH we design and develop our production lines according to customer needs, from the design to the start-up of the line. At GAICTECH® the canning machinery company we carry out a detailed and thorough study in order to provide the most effective and appropriate solution for each situation.


Technical assistance

The evaluation and monitoring of all our equipment allows us to give a quick and effective response to any type of problem, our main objective is to minimise costs and increase production. Our highly specialised technical team has the ability to travel anywhere in the world and solve any incident that may be detected on site.


At Gaictech we design and manufacture autoclave machinery incorporating the latest technology on the market. This type of product is used for the sterilisation of metal, glass, pouches and other containers that contain food products, focusing its operation on the transmission of heat and cold by means of water or steam through a heat exchanger.

Maquinaria Para La Industria Conservera

Basket loading of autoclave carts

Designed to fill or empty autoclave baskets with filled tins, improving sterilization time and cans care.

Maquinas Para La Insutria Conservera

Mussel cooker

Designed to continuously cook the mussel, cockles or other mollusks. fully automated.

Maquinaria Especializada Para La Insutría Conservera

Tuna fish steam cooker

Designed to optimize the production process for tunas, increasing the total yield of fish through a meticulous control of the thermal gradient and the conservation of the moisture content for easy cleaning.

& WE

Our experience of more than 20 years allows us to adapt and develop those products necessary for an industry, the canning industry, which is increasingly thriving and technologically advanced. The client has the idea and GAICTECH develops it, adapting to their requirements.

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