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Logo Gaictech


GAICTECH®, the canning machinery company, is an international role model, specialised in the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the canned goods and frozen food industries.

The founders of the company, the Carleos family, began their journey in 1986,with the launch of their first business in A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña), a key location in the worldwide canned goods industry.

In 2008, after passing the reins from one generation to the next, the family decided to create Gaictech. They started in Gondomar (Pontevedra) with 15 staff members.

Since the beginning, the business has had a clear global vision. The proof lies in the fact that there are now Gaictech teams in 45 countries and across 5 continents.

Our Values


We are continually researching and developing new solutions every day that will make us stand out in the market.


We like to be there for our clients every step of the way. Because their projects are our projects. We are there for our clients before, during and after they decide to place their trust in our products.


We want to get better each and every day, offering technical solutions of utmost value to our clients to optimise their production processes and maximise their profits.


We design, manufacture and roll-out efficient, sustainable and fully customisable solutions for our clients, boasting a level of ‘know-how’ that stems from our decades of dedication and specialisation.



We are global leaders in the canned seafood industry, expanding into other food and supply markets with one goal in mind: offering the best value in the canned goods secto

Gaitech Vision Referencia Mundial Empresa

Technology with outstanding energy efficiency

At Gaictech, we design and manufacture canned food solutions that are not only energy efficient, but that are also personalised, high-quality and easy to maintain.

+35 years of experience support our work

Present in more than 45 countries

We are a key player on the international stage, with clients across five different continents.

We design and create ‘made to fit’ solutions.

We study each of our clients’ projects in fine detail, ensuring we meet every requirement they set.

Highly-efficient, high-quality solutions.

We offer fantastic, useful solutions that guarantee an efficient production process.

We prioritise the human side of things.

We are there for our clients every step of the way, helping them with whatever they need to bring their projects to fruition. Our relationship with our clients is long-lasting: we’re there before, during and after our clients choose to place their trust in our solutions.

Presencia de Gaictech en el mundo

Present in more than 45 countries

· Croatia
· Denmark
· England
· France
· Italy

· Latvia
· Netherlands
· Norway
· Portugal
· Romania
· Spain
· Turkey 

· China
· Indonesia
· Iran
· Oman
· Philippines
· Thailand
· Turkmenistan
· United Arab Emirates
· Yemen

· Angola
· Argelia
· Ivory Coast
· Libia
· Mauritius
· Madagascar
· Morroco
· Mauritania
· Senegal
· Seychelles
· Tunisia

· Costa Rica
· Cuba
· El Salvador
· Mexico

· Brasil
· Chile
· Colombia
· Ecuador
· Peru
· Trinidad & Tobago
· Venezuela

· American Samoa
· New Guinea
· Solomon Islands

Gaictech Soluciones Integrales Empresa

Developing made to measure, integral solutions.

We have a team of highly-qualified, capable staff who can solve any of our clients’ problems.

Gaictech Soluciones Integrales Empresa
Do you need something in particular?

With over 35 years of experience, we are able to adapt and develop our products based on the needs of the canned goods industry: a booming, technology driven sector.

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