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IQF brine freezer


Equipment designed for freezing pelagic fish in brine, starting from a fish inlet temperature of ± 10ºC and reaching a freezer outlet temperature (in bone) of -11ºC.

  • Brine storage tank, in which they are installed:
    - Cold pipe batteries for connection to the factory refrigeration installation.
    - Agitator to print movement to the brine and thus ensuring that it does not stagnate.
  • Fish conveyor with stainless steel pushers, which take the fish from a previous conveyor and immerse it in the brine, moving it submerged along the entire route.
  • Hydraulic system for lifting the fish conveyor, in order to facilitate cleaning tasks in the tank.
  • Conveyor for evacuating the fish from the tank, it is located at the outlet of the brine tank, its function being to evacuate the fish from the tank at the end of the defined cycle.
  • Completely constructed of 316 stainless Steel.
From raw material to sealing

At Gaictech we know that our main business line is focused on the construction of industrial canning machinery. A market in which we are leaders, breaking down our business into different tasks for the conservation and treatment of fish and shellfish.

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