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Tuna Cooking blancher

Machine designed according to the production demanded by the client. With the following characteristics:

  • LID CLOSURE SYSTEM, actuated by hydraulic cylinder, the door fits into its entire perimeter in a gutter with water that guarantees the watertightness of the blancher, not allowing the boiling steam to escape, this steam comes out through a duct in the rear, being collected and conducted outside by a general collector. In this way, steam is avoided in the brewhouse and the cooking time is reduced.
  • FAT COLLECTION from the back of the blancher; on the front are located two water diffusers that must be activated when removing the fish, the water flow drags the fat layer towards the back, thus preventing it to impregnate the fish.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL of the cooking water by a properly placed thermocouple. Steam opening and closing controlled by electrovalves.
  • CONTROL OF COOKING TIME. The entire set of cookers is controlled by a programmer where, once the cooking time has been pre-established, and once it is over, the inlet of steam is cut off and an alert is sent by means of a light and an acoustic signal. Touch screen for displaying data for each cooker.
  • Made entirely of 304 stainless Steel.
From raw material to sealing

At Gaictech we know that our main business line is focused on the construction of industrial canning machinery. A market in which we are leaders, breaking down our business into different tasks for the conservation and treatment of fish and shellfish.

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