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Gaictech diseño líneas producción maquinaria industria conservera

Design of “custom made” production lines

GAICTECH® the canning machinery company is aware that our clients are the ones who best know their business, therefore we develop our lines according to the needs of our client(s), from design to commissioning of the line. GAICTECH® the canning machinery company conducts a detailed and meticulous review of the client´s needs in order to provide the most effective and suitable solution for each situation and so optimizing the whole production line.

Gaictech asistencia técnica remota
Gaictech asistencia técnica insitu

Technical support

GAICTECH® the canning machinery company provides technical assistance to ensure that all our clients feel supported in the event of any incident.

Remote Support:
An evaluation and monitoring service is on offer to all our equipment in any part of the world. We detect the error(s) that might occur and provide a rapid and effective response to any kind of problem; all this thanks to our technical support and after sales service with the aim of minimizing costs and increasing production.

On-site support:
To ensure peace of mind for our clients, GAICTECH® the canning machinery company , has a highly specialized technical team, ready to travel to any part of the world in order to carry out any preventive or corrective monitoring on any of our lines and fix any issue on-site, minimizing the risks to our clients.

Gaictech formación


GAICTECH® the canning machinery company provides the required training for setting up, validating, verifying and monitoring our equipment where the product is subjected to a thermal process, equipping the personnel with the necessary technical training to optimize the workflow.

Gaictech repuestos maquinaria industría conservera

Spare Parts

GAICTECH® the canning machinery company puts at the disposal of its clients a fast and effective service of spare parts to anywhere in the world, to cover any issue that may arise.

Gaictech certificación

Certified thermal processes center

Gaictech has the capacity to audit all the equipment, where the products are subjected to thermal processing, certifying that they comply with the procedures established by the FDA and current EU regulations, or otherwise, the local ones.

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