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Designed for continuous pasteurisation of a broad range of animal or vegetable products, in any type of container. This piece of equipment is the ideal solution when there are no space limitations and when the client would prefer a continuous process without the need for additional personnel.

Our modular design allows us to integrate this machine into heating and cooling systems at various stages, including preheating and precooling, optimising the process, and guaranteeing a high-quality final product.

It works primarily through heat transmission via a direct steam injection system, or by water recirculation with sprays. The heating (or cooling) is done using a high-efficiency plate heat exchange system, with either steam or cold water in the secondary circuit (or another cooling liquid, depending on process specifics).

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Technical Specs
  • Length: As per the needs of each project.
  • Temperature: 95-99ºC, can be modified to suit the product.
  • Working pressure: Atmospheric.
  • Heat insulated and coated in a sheet of stainless steel.
  • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel (Alternatively AISI 316, depending on the process).
  • Containers: Suitable for all types of containers, but particularly suited to rigid materials.
Strict adherence to FDA regulations
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Gaictech pasteurisers are designed to strictly comply with FDA standards and regulations (or those of the relevant authorities in each case) regarding thermal distribution and bacterial reduction in products.

Work Systems
  • Water spray
  • Steam only
  • DUAL systems

    (able to incorporate two sterilisation systems in one autoclave; Steam only + 2nd system).


We know that our clients are the ones who best understand their business, which is why we develop our products according to their needs.
We have our own highly qualified technical team capable of addressing any demand from our clients.

Other Characteristics
  • Process control: Automatic, with programmable settings and setting storage.
  • Consumption: Optimal steam usage and collection of condensation. No water consumption.
  • Line integration: Continuous input and output, with solutions adapted to all types of containers.
  • Option of incorporating automatic container transfer systems for pasteuriser input and output.
  • Acoustic and visual alarms and alerts to ensure proper product pasteurisation.
  • Water filtering and collection systems.
  • Suitable for a wide range of products and containers in a broad selection of sectors within the food industry. All these options and in any container type (rigid or flexible materials), although it is best suited to rigid containers.
  • Modular container transport, with high temperature resistance.
Benefits of Our

Continuous process

Allows for high output without the need for constant personnel supervision, reducing operating costs.

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Energy efficient

Optimal energy and resource use with water and steam collection and reuse systems.



Dimensions and work systems can be customised to suit the specific needs of the client.

Line Integration

Designed and manufactured to allow for efficient integration into existing production lines, ensuring continuous output and process optimisation.


If you need more information or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Highest efficiency and quality autoclaves

Our product catalog includes different types of autoclaves suitable for products that require movement or not during the sterilization process. All of them are available with various diameter and length options, tailored to the customer’s needs.



With over 35 years of experience, we are able to adapt and develop our products based on the needs of the canned goods industry: a booming, technology driven sector.

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